District Championship of Cross Country

Ribermold promoted the District Championship of Cross Country that it held in Pero Neto, Marinha Grande, on February 23rd. This initiative organized by SIR 1º de Dezembro Pero Neto and Clube de Atletismo Mónica Rosa, and recorded more than 200 athletes, federated and non-federated.

RIBERMOLD is certified by EFQM

Vehicle for Excellence based on Anticipating Challenges,

based on Process Improvement to undertake Sustainable Development.

Season's Greeting

Ribermold team wishes:


May next year's challenges turn into growth opportunities and achievements.

We hope the new year is full of victories and that our partnership is synonymous of success.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !

Ribermold in X Mold Industry Congress

Ribermold participated in X Mold Industry Congress about digitalization challenges. This issue is very important and the company has been establishing and preparing investments in this area – less paper and process updating.

It is a fact that this transition brings many concerns in the daily life of this company, therefore it is necessary to introduce new working methods, with new tools and prepare employees for changes in their habits.

X Mold Industry Congress

Ribermold will participate on the X Mold Industry Congress, contributing with their point of view and experience achieved on the digitalization process.

Discuss the present to help prepare a better and more promising future, and all contributions are valuable.

Leiria IN | 2019

The edition of Leiria IN 2019 brought to Ribermold 5 students from various cities of the country. During one morning they join Mr. Alberto Ribeiro - Founding Partner, on a guided tour of the company, where they had the opportunity to know not only the manufacturing of a mold but also the production process of the final plastic part. During this visit, the importance of the investment in Turn-Key & Integrated Solutions technology and specialized labor was highlighted, highlighting the value of Industry 4.0. Being to praise the cooperation and all the involvement of the collaborators in the day-to-day of the company, so that together "Always Doing Better What We Do Well"