Moulds Event18

Following the Mold Week in Marinha Grande, Ribermold was visited by two Japanese delegations, promoted by the Nagano Techno Foundation and JaDMA (Japanese Association of Molds and Special Tools Industry). These visits, organized by Cefamol, allow to know the technological upgrade and the modernization of the companies of the region. Thus, the recognition of the Portuguese mold industry in the rest of the world is reinforced.

Leiria IN

In the edition of Leiria IN this year, Ribermold received a visit of 4 students from several areas of the country. António Silva, Carolina Carreira, Miguel Marcos and Tânia Braz, spent a morning at Ribermold facilities to learn a little of the day-to-day The production process of a mold, from the idealization of the product to the production of the final plastic part, was also highlighted in this visit. It was also highlighted the importance of adapting to the demands of the current market and the constant investment that it is needed to perform on new technologies to achieve the best results. Noneforgetting the focus: "Always trying to do better what we do well."

Secretary of State for Internationalization at Ribermold

On July 5th, Ribermold received a visit from Dr. Eurico Brilhante Dias - Secretary of State for Internationalization at our premises, following the Working Lunch organized by CEFAMOL and NERLEI. This event focused on the Internationalization Program - "Capitalize Program and Business Support" and the visit took place in several Portuguese organizations with a strong export of products. There was the presence of some personalities as Dr. Manuel Oliveira and Mr. João Faustino of CEFAMOL, Dr. Jorge Santos of NERLEI, Dr. Rui Torcha and Dr. Carla Machado da Pool-Net, Dr. João Zorrinho and Drª. Maria João Borges from AICEP.

Bosch Quality Week

The initiative took place from June 25 to 29, 2018 and Ribermold was present at Bosch facilities in Braga.This event was aimed to promote Bosch suppliers and which jobs were developed for the company. On June 26, it was up to Ribermold to present and clarify some of the more technical components of the work done for Bosch, from the production of the mold to the injection of the plastic part.

Invitation from the Professional School of Ourém to Ribermold

In order to aware the students of the importance of the mould and plastic injection industry in the national and international market, Ribermold was invited to present itself to 40 final year students in the area of metal work as a prominent example.Issues like the importance of ambition, quality and pride in our work, accomplishment of deadlines agreed with the customer and a need of constant investments on cutting-edge technology were highlighted during this presentation.It was also underscored the lack of skilled workers in this area and, therefore, it is a field where is possible to have a promising career.

Ribermold is already on flights from TAP and Rede Expressos

The series 'Portugal in 150 Seconds: Industry' has promoted Ribermold for one of its episodes. The video will be available on the Portuguese Roadways “Rede Expressos” and about 700 long-haul flights from the Portuguese flying company “TAP” reaching about 4 million peoples a year across the world.This project is created and produced by Lua Filmes and aims to promote the best Portugal has to offer in tourism and industry.