Inov4Riber - Capacity and Technological Innovation

Project description:  Inov4Riber – Capacity and Technological Innovation

Project reference:  Centro-02-0853-FEDER-015015

Main purpose: Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

Intervention region:  Centre of Portugal

Beneficiary entity:  Ribermold, Lda

Date of approval:  14-04-2016

Date of beginning:  01-10-2015

Date of completion:  07-06-2017

Total eligible cost:  €1.329.512,11

EU financial support:  ERDF (FEDER) €797.707,27


Ribermold intends to reinforce its competitive benefits at a time when the company has reached the limit of its productive capacity. The project Inov4Riber will reinforce and enhance the production capacity, achieved through several innovations at product level, process, marketing and organization. These activities will revolutionise Ribermold's technological productive area capacity through integrated technologies, at “lean manufacturing” methods and at product development levels, which will allow to simplify processes and uniform working languages. These innovations will increase productivity and technological capacity, in new product releases having supported by a set of organizational innovations and marketing tools, the latter ones being extremely valuable for the company to produce new products for the most demanding markets.