Development and manufacture of Head Up Display for automotive industry

Project description: Development and manufacture of Head Up Display for automotive industry

Project reference: POCI-02-0853-FEDER-033481

Summary: The company Ribermold, Lda. operates on manufacture, repair and trade of tools for plastic industry and perform services on tool testing and inspection as well as in plastic injection, in Marinha Grande.This project called Development and manufacture of Head Up Display for automotive industry  fits into the framework of Typology b) Increase of capacity of an existing plant, and is supported by several innovation activities (technological, corporate organization and marketing) and its planned  investments aim to provide the company with new methods and cutting edge equipment which will allows to reinforce its position upstream in the chain (tool design and manufacturing) and thus enhance its position as a provider of excellence for automotive industry.The technological innovation is based on the product and process through project/development and manufacture of metallic tools manufacturing for Head Up Display designed for cars.

Other information

Notification: 07/SI/2017

Description: Production Innovation - Development and manufacture of Head Up Display for automotive industry

Operational programme: PO CI

Content Purpose: OT 3 – enhancing competitiveness of SMEs

Investment priority: PI 3.3 – Granting of financial aid to creation and extension of advanced product and service development capabilities

Typology of Intervention:  TI 53 – Qualification and Innovation of SMEs

Intervention region (NUTS II): Centre

Beneficiary entity: RIBERMOLD, LDA

Date of approval: 29-01-2018

Date of beginning: 25-01-2018

Date of completion:  24-01-2020

Total eligible cost: €4.476.795,20

EU financial aid: €2.238.397,60

Open Doors

Ribermold has opened its doors to show its premises, where molds and plastic parts are produced. In this presentation, Mr. Alberto Ribeiro shared the history of the company and highlighted the presence of Ribermold in the industry of molds and plastic injection molding showing the ongoing projects.Several public entities from the region attended this event, such as the Mayor of Marinha Grande, Cefamol Association, Cenfim Training Center, Centimfe Technological Center, Leiria Polytechnic Institute, NERLEI, among other partners.

Fakuma 2017

Ribermold attended the event FAKUMA that held in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from October 17th to 21st, 2017. This is one of the most important events of the sector and allows a strong exposure for the Portuguese industry, and Ribermold could not help but participate.In this event, we presented all our services and some of our most emblematic products in the area of molds and injection molding, responding to the needs of customers, from conception idea to execution of the part

30 years of Ribermold

To celebrate its 30 years of existence, Ribermold organized a tour to the Douro River for the whole team. This was a social opportunity for the team to relax in a convivial atmosphere, setting aside their daily work of molds and injection molding, and to celebrate this striking date of the company they belong to.

"The industrial life" by IPL

For the 4th edition of the Week Leiria IN - Industry Week, Ribermold was invited to receive 50 young students, secondary finalists from all over the country. To allow them to understand the industrial reality in Marinha Grande, Mr. Ribeiro was invited to present his professional career as an inspiration for all the students. The event was held at the Building Resinagem in Marinha Grande.

USA Ambassador visits Ribermold

On March 30th, Ribermold was visited by Mr. Robert Sherman, ambassador of the United States to Portugal, taking into consideration the close business relationship with the US market. 

Organized by the National Mold Industry Association Cefamol, this visit enabled to reinforce the importance of the sector to the business community in Marinha Grande and also in the industrial world.

Mr. Robert Sherman acknowledged Marinha Grande as a model to the rest of Europe and the world in this industry, highlighted the role of small and medium-sized companies in this business cluster. The same opinion was shared by the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Margarida Marques.